Festina Swiss Made: 
Art and Precision in Watch Manufacturing

At Festina, we believe that a watch is much more than a simple instrument for measuring time. It is a work of art, a manifestation of Swiss precision, and a representation of intertwined tradition and innovation.




The Manufacturing Process in Switzerland


Our factory in Herbetswil, Switzerland, is the beating heart of our brand. It is here where each Festina Swiss Made watch comes to life, reflecting decades of experience and passion for watchmaking.


Design and Conceptualization

It all begins with an idea. Our designers, inspired by the rich Swiss watchmaking tradition, conceptualize each piece with functionality, aesthetics, and durability in mind. Each design is a fusion of the classic with the contemporary.

Material Selection


We choose only the finest materials, ensuring that every component, from the crown to the strap, is of the highest quality. Our experts carefully select and test these materials to ensure their strength and longevity.



This is a stage where manual dexterity meets the precision of modern machinery. Each piece is assembled with a meticulousness that only Swiss craftsmanship can guarantee.

Quality Testing

Before a Festina Swiss Made watch leaves our factory, it undergoes rigorous testing. From water resistance to time accuracy, we ensure that each piece meets the highest standards.

Final Details


From polishing to the final inspection, each watch undergoes a detailed review to ensure it is free from imperfections. This is the distinctive hallmark of our brand: perfection in every detail.



At Festina, each watch is a representation of our dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence. When choosing a Festina Swiss Made, you are not only acquiring a watch but also a piece of history, a legacy of Swiss precision, and a testament to watchmaking mastery in its purest form.